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**** We are sorry 'B" tags are NOT currently available *****

Engraving advice

Our most frequently asked question is "what should I engrave." Hopefully this will help answer some of your questions but please know we are available for any specific questions.

It is important to remember that the more lines and the more letters per line, the SMALLER the engraving.

The most important thing to think about is what do you want to tell a medical professional, or caregiver if you are not available in the event of an accident.

Child`s Name
There are two thoughts on having a child's name on their bracelet. I personally think that for small children it should be somewhere on the tag. During the very frightening experience of the ER, or allergic reaction, calling a child by their name will help to calm them. Some are concerned that a potential bad person would use this information to lure your child. Truthfully, if they are close enough to read the bracelet then they are probably already in danger. Please know that which ever decision you make will be the correct one for you and your family.

Peanut and food allergies
We service a lot of children with severe and unusual food allergies.

Peanut allergies are by far our most popular allergen. In addition, as a mom I know how severe some of these children`s allergies can be including airborne, touch as well as ingested.

If your child is severe and has ever had any trouble with throat closure during an episode then I would recommend that you put ALL of the important directions on the front. (We recognize we are one space to short for peanut allergy to be placed on one line. We can definately place this on the `A` & 'C' tag and are trying to get the tags with the raised emblems adjusted

`A` & 'C' tag recommendations
Peanut Allergy
Use EpiPen
Call 911

`B` tag (raised emblem)
Severe Peanut
Use EpiPen
Call 911

Information for the back
Child's Name
contact numbers
contact numbers
contact numbers

The general public is slowly becoming aware that Peanuts and treenuts are different. PLEASE add both if your child has these allergies.

Other allergies
Please add the most common allergens your child will encounter (ie milk) as well as the odd ones (ie egg, sesame). I love when we have friends over and I can just look at their medical bracelet when I have forgotten what they can eat!
Allergic to:
Milk, Peanut,
Eggs, Wheat,
Tree Nuts
Use EpiPen
Call 911
contact numbers
contact numbers

Numerous Severe Allergies
We do have some children with such severe food allergies that parents simple put DO NOT FEED on the medical tag.

Medical Conditions
There are so many different conditions that it will be impossible to cover them all. Hopefully though, the examples will provide you with an idea of what to engrave on your medical ID tag.
The most important item so put on your tag is the TYPE 1 or TYPE 2 Diabetes. If your child requires insulin please also add this. In an emergency some people can forget which type requires the insulin. Also if your child wears a pump please add this.
Diabetes Example
Insulin pump

Information for the back
Possibly Dr's number
contact numbers
contact numbers

Anatomical Conditions As the mother of a child with dwarfism, I know that my sons care in an emergency could be compromised if his caregiver did not identify his unique condition. After reading his Medical ID Tag, the physician would know that anesthesia could be deadly. I have his Dr's phone number on his tag so that they can contact someone familiar with his care. In addition, we have families who also include the hospital so that quick access to medical records can be available.

Autism We also have a lot of families with children that have varying degrees of autism.
This is the one case where we recommend putting an address down. Often children with autism are found just around the corner or down the street and can either be easily returned home, or a parent can quickly be reached to aid in the child's return home.
In addition, please include whether or not the child is verbal.
Correct Spellings

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